Why zee5 is not working on Television? All Solutions (100% working)

In the massive digital world, some problems are also rising like if we talk about Zee5, zee5 is not working on Television. Its going to be a big problem. Zee5 is known to be one of the most famous streaming apps that provides tremendous services to its users. People can watch any favorite movies, films, and shows on Zee5. Besides smartphones and computers, users can also manage their programs on Television.

But often, when we log our accounts of Zee5 on TV, it stops working. We might face issues related to the smooth working of Zee5 on TV. Now, we will discuss why Zee5 stopped working on our TV. We will also discuss some solutions related to such problems.

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Why Zee5 is not working on television
Why Zee5 is not working on television

Check your internet connection if zee5 is not working on Television

It would help to have a high-powered internet connection when you connect such a streaming app to your Television and zee5 is not working on Television. Because such high-quality content cannot be played with a low internet connection, Having a poor connection of internet can be the main reason for the troubles of Zee5 on our Television. To see whether you have a good connection, check your router if you have wifi in your home.

Press the restart button on your router. This could also provide better internet for zee5. Keep a check and balance about how many devices are using the signal of your WIFI. This can also be the major cause of your slow internet; increase the speed if you have purchased a low internet connection because zee5 can not properly work with a poor internet connection.

Maybe your app needs to be updated

The zee5 app that you have installed on your Television may not be updated yet. Because as we know, every app needs to be updated from time to time. So, if we do not update the app, it may stop working or cause trouble while you are watching any program. So, for this, go into the settings of your zee5 app, then search for the latest updates. If you find any updates, click on them. This process can be time-consuming.

But when you see your app has updated, now check again. If it has started working normally, then this could be the main cause of the disturbance. But if you still face the same issue, then there will be no other reason.

How much is your Television compatible with such apps?

Often, streaming apps are not supported by every type of Television. If we talk about the latest Televisions of famous companies like Samsung, Dawlance Haier, etc., they are so capable that you can connect any streaming app to them. Zee5 is also installable on such modern TVs. If you own an old television, then your zee5 may not work smoothly on that. Often, in some of the old versions of the TVs, you still need to be given an option to connect any streaming app with it.

So if your zee5 is not working on Television, then you must check the main software of your Television along with the updates of the app. And if zee5 is not supported on your Television, you can still go for other streaming apps that can be installed on your Television.

Make sure to delete the cache and manage your data if zee5 is not working on Television

Often, storage issues can also be the reason your app is not working. You should check from time to time that your zee5’s storage needs to be completed because often zee5 storage becomes full and due to which app causes troubles. To resolve this issue, you must go to the installed zee5, search for the app data, and delete that data. If you find something in data that you consider important, then do not go for this option.

However, there is some junk data in the app, which is known as the cache. The cache contains waste material. So you can delete the cache of zee5 even without thinking for a second. After deleting this, go and check your app. This may be the cause of your problems related to zee5.

Check your zee5 account if zee5 is not working on Television

If zee5 is not working on Television some account issues may need to be resolved. Otherwise, zee5 will not work on your TV. Often, we need to remember to add the correct login details while we are connecting zee5 with our TV. Zee5 is a typically free streaming app, but some users pay extra bills to install zee5 with premium features. There will likely be some remaining payment for such users.

It is also possible that our email, which we added to our login details, needs to be verified. If that’s the case, then you must verify your email. After doing this, your zee5 will start working on your TV the way it used to work before. Also, check your password to zee5. Maybe someone is trying to hack your zee5 account. Remember to add two-step verification of your account.


We have concluded that zee5 can be installed on our Television, but if zee5 is not working on Television, there are some issues due to which it needs to be fixed on our Television. Often, these problems are considered very annoying for some of the zee5 users. But in this article, we have discussed every possible reason for your zee5 not working tremendously on your Television. We have also discussed some of the easy measures that can be taken by users if they want to overcome these troubles of zee5 while connecting with Television.

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