How to install zee5 on Samsung smart TV

How to install zee5 on Samsung smart TV in this article we will completely explain it. Zee5, which is known to be very famous for entertainment, is now available on your Samsung smart TV. At first, there was no option to download such apps on your television. Before some time, Samsung combined with OTT services. In this way, users will be able to use Zee5 on their Samsung smart televisions. By using zee5, users will get access to zee5 content on their Samsung smart TV. Before this feature, users could use the Zee5 app only on their mobile laptops and smartphones. But now, users can watch their favorite movies and shows whenever they want on television. 

To install zee5 on your TV, first, you have to download this app on an Android or Apple device. Then switch your zee5 account to your television. After verifying your smart TV, zee5 will start working on your smart TV. Now, you can watch different videos of zee5 on your Samsung smart TV very easily. But without having an account with zee5, you would not be able to get access to zee5 on your television.

How to install zee5 on Samsung smart TV
How to install zee5 on Samsung smart TV

Activation of zee5 on Samsung smart TV:

After downloading this app from the Google app store, you have to make sure one thing is that you are already logged in to your Google account on your smart television. But having this application means you need to switch off all other such kinds of apps from your Samsung smart television. Otherwise, with all other apps, zee5 can not be activated on your Samsung smart TV. But if you want to reset your smart TV, you can do this by a very common method of clean boot.

To have all the new features of zee5, you need to download the latest version of zee5 on your TV. After installation, you need to add your information, like your name, gender, etc. Now you can have access to zee5 on the home screen of your television.

Why is zee5 not working on my TV?

Samsung smart TV does not support the zee5 app. But in this modern era, there is a solution present for every problem. To solve this problem, you must take care of some major steps. You need to be very sure that you have downloaded zee5 on your TV from your Google Play Store. Then you have to see that your Samsung smart TV should not be connected to other such types of apps like Netflix, etc; you can also go for a process of clean boot in which your Samsung smart TV will be reset. After resetting, check the internet connection of your smart TV. Often, because of a low internet connection, zee5 can not be opened on your smart TV.

If you have tried all the above methods but still zee5 is not working on your smart TV, then you should check the version of the zee5 app. Suppose you are given an option to update your app. Update your app to its latest version. After updating now, go back and check again. If you are still facing the issues, then keep installing and reinstalling the app again and again. You can also go for another very reliable method, which is to download zee5 on USB, and then you can connect that USB to your Samsung smart TV and get that app. You can check all of these methods, but if none of them works, then maybe there would be an issue with your smart TV.

Can we download zee5 on Samsung smart TVs other than in India?

Yes, this feature has been launched now. Zee5 can also be downloaded in many countries other than India because zee5 is an Indian app.

This app is now can be installed in the USA. But this app in the start could not be installed in the USA. But there will be some certain restrictions if you are using this app outside of the country. If you want to use zee5 on your Samsung smart TV without facing any kind of hurdles, you can do this, but all you need is a VPN. Even now, you can use zee5 on your Samsung smart TV if you are living in the USA. 

Remember one thing: if you have bought any special subscription of zee5 living in India. That subscription will not apply if you go abroad. You will have to buy a subscription again. But if you have a VPN downloaded, you will get access to all those features without any charges. And with the help of a VPN, your privacy will also be secure. Hence, with the help of a VPN, you will get access to zee5 on your Samsung smart TV no matter whether you are in which country of the world.

Final words: How to install zee5 on Samsung smart TV

In the end, we have come to the conclusion that zee5 is a very remarkable app if you are interested in watching movies and different shows on your Samsung smart TV. You can also use a VPN to use zee5 easily on your Samsung smart TV. zee5 is now applicable to Samsung smart TVs outside of India. So, this app is a good choice for entertainment. Visit our site to read How to get Free Zee5 Subscription

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