Zee5 Hindi Web Series List 2023

Zee5 is known for Zee5 Hindi Web Series and to be the greeting streaming app in India. With time, such streaming apps have been revolutionized. For Example, such apps not only contain movies and dramas but also have a wide range of Hindi web series, which are full of entertainment. And you can watch them anytime on zee5. Now, we will discuss some fantastic and well known famous Hindi web series that can be watched on zee5.

ZEE5 series
ZEE5 series


Rangbaz is considered to be the best suggestion for those who are fond of watching criminal seasons. This Zee5 Hindi Web Series is based on the true story of any gangster from UP. The actors of this web series did their best to make it best for their audience.

Final call

The Final Call is a thrilling season based on the story of passengers on a plane. This web series is full of suspense and very interesting. Users can not get bored of this season. Arjun Rampal is the main character of this season and .

Bichoo ka khel

Bichoo ka khel is the best choice for those who want to watch crime shows. This web series is full of drama, suspense, and thriller. This web series is based on the story of the revenge of a son for his father’s death. Dialogues and movie making of this web series are admirable and tremendous. This type of content becomes a favorite of those who do not prefer typical romantic shows.

Never kiss your best friend

This web series is full of interest for the young generation. This web series is full of romance and comedy. This web series shows the beautiful chemistry of best friends, which later converted into intimate love. This web series defines how things get complicated between best friends if they start falling in love with each other. 

Jeet ki zid

Jeet ki zid is a very remarkable web series that is based on the hardships of an Indian army officer against corruption. This web series has suspense and thrill and is a very emotional web series. This is full of motivation for those individuals who are struggling in their lives. 


Abhay is an Indian web series. This web series is based on criminal activities. In this season, users get to watch a detective with his admirable investigation skills. This type of web series is the best choice for those interested in watching crime seasons. This web series also has a bit of suspense, which makes it more interesting.

Conclusion – Zee5 Hindi Web Series

In this article, we have concluded that zee5 is a multi-fun app; in this app, users can watch different types of web series. This app not only contains Indian web series but also has some other international content. But as we know, this is an Indian app, which is why this app has almost every famous web series. This app has a web series of different genres, like comedy, suspense, and thrill. Users can watch their favorite web series whenever they want on zee5. So if you are a lover of Hindi series and other movies like short telefilms you do not have to rush to the Cinemas. just you need to download this app from a trustworthy website. take it in your mind if you download zee5 mod APK then you will get all premium series free of cost. Just download it and be a part of this app and get a lot of fun. from our site you can download old version of zee5 as well.

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